Cobia – VR Documentary

Open Blue Sea Farms believes that a healthy and sustainable environment means a healthy and sustainable fish, and keeping our waters pure and pristine is key. The company wanted to share its operations and practices in an immersive way. Previously, that meant flying a client or chef all the way to Panama, and giving them an in-person tour. With the VR documentary film “Cobia” we brought Panama to them, instead.

Role: Executive Producer / Strategy

Client: Open Blue

Studio: Koncept VR

Consulting on the most effective deployment strategies was one of my key roles on this project. Because Open Blue is an international company, we decided to create an easy-to-use branded mobile app that we translated to 5 different languages so that the majority of their target audience could see and fully grasp the film.

Aside from their immediate audience, the company wanted to tell everyday consumers their story and to help them find the fish if they were interested in trying it for themselves. To achieve this we also built a function inside the app which allows you to find restaurants that serve the fish in your city.

For trade shows and giveaways custom google cardboard were printed with their unique design that included a QR code for easy access to the VR documentary.