The Joy Index 360 Campaign

Inspired by the writing and research of Gretchen Rubin and Shawn Achor on the topic of happiness, Bank of America and Condé Nast Traveler embarked on a mission to document the happiest places on earth. Along with my creative team, I led the conversation with our client and consulted on the best locations for this project. Our first pick was Shanghai, due to its unique cultural heritage and tranquility. Newfoundland also topped our list for its beautiful solitude, floating icebergs, and pristine nature.

The two videos & panoramas were published on a microsite designed specifically for this campaign by CNT, but our client also wanted to take advantage of social media to drive viewership. To meet those needs, we came up with four 30-second teasers that were published by CNT, Bon Appétit, The New Yorker Magazine, and their social media channels.

Role: Executive Producer / Strategy

Client: Bank of America

Agency: 23 Stories

Studio: Koncept VR

Project Link: